Morocco’s Pasteur Institute Denies Lack of Cancer Treatment: Ministry

By Safaa KasraouiRabat – The Pasteur Institute of Morocco for medical development and research has rejected accusations claiming that injection treatments for cancer patients were improperly distributed, according to the Ministry of Health.In June, Moroccan newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribia published claims that a lack of cancer treatment was “threatening the lives of patients with cancer in Morocco.” The paper alleged that the Pasteur Institute had stopped importing the injection treatments, forcing many cancer patients, who come to the Pasteur Institute from all over Morocco, to stop treatment without being given any alternative. In a statement to Morocco World News, the Ministry of Health said that the treatment was distributed to all pharmacies across the kingdom after its price was published in the Official Gazette, saying the operation made the treatment available to all cancer patients. According to the press release, “The institute currently has sufficient stock to cover all citizens’ requests.”“The administration of Pasteur Institute of Morocco, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree number 66-176 announced that it continues to import and distribute all injections, and biological materials necessary for the health of citizens without interruption.”The statement added that the institute always ensures the availability of all injections, including rabies, fever, diphtheriacancer shots treatment with their legal prices published in the Official Gazette.“The Pasteur Institute also confirms that it has assumed to bear full responsibility in various medical events and daily treatment campaigns for the benefit of citizens.”The statement added that Pasteur Morocco is studying the project of vaccine and serums productions as a local industry to ensure continuity and self-sufficiency in the medical sector.